Frag out!

Grenades seem simple enough to use. Flip off the safety clip, pull the pin, throw the grenade. And yet, people manage to screw it up pretty badly all the time. And I’ll just say this, the grenade test on Expert Infantry Badge testing is always one of the most difficult to pass. But hey, that’s what training is for.


That nice boom is one of the things that makes live fire grenade training one of the funner ranges to run.

2 thoughts on “Frag out!”

  1. Grenade ranges are fun until someone doesn’t pull the safety clip before tossing the frag… the interminable wait for EOD and loss of throughput sucks.

    On a lighter note, one of the most painful experiences I have ever had involved throwing the second of two M67s while I had a torn rotator cuff. The first one hurt enough, but the second one was sheer agony. It hurt so bad that I barely got it out in front of the throwing pit, where it proceeded to go boom closer to me than anything else that wasn’t home-made has ever exploded…

  2. Safety clip?? Oh yeah, I seem to recall those. Never carried them on missions with those still on the frag. I was aghast when I got to my unit and was instructed to pull those off.

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