9 thoughts on “Reuse vs. Recycle”

    1. Then they would have to install aft facing cats. Or are you thinking that it would be one-way only?


  1. Well Washington does have more experience with floating bridges than any other state. We’ve only sunk bridges at two out of three current locations. I’m sure that re-purposed obsolete steel vessels will fare better than purpose built concrete concrete pontoons in a saltwater environment.

    1. Okay, so, pop quiz: looking at the proposed location for the bridge, and looking at the proposed method of construction for the bridge, how much clearance underneath the bridge do you think there will be for those carriers parked just upriver to get to the open ocean? Will there at least be enough clearance under the proposed bridge for normal merchant traffic? Or what about small civilian craft?

    2. There’s nothing upstream but some private marinas and an anchor buoy. The ships at the top of the picture are the inactive ships at the west end of NBK. The active ships and PSNS are roughly where the inset is located, there’s not obstruction preventing those ships from getting into Puget Sound.

    3. Okay, so, still, question remains: is there enough clearance underneath a pontoon bridge made of aircraft carriers to get … ANYTHING through? A private yacht? A duck? A dead leaf floating downstream?

  2. Looks like an attempt to relieve the traffic congestion at the Gorst bight due to all the PSNS workers commuting from Port Orchard. A better idea would be to lay a cable and a couple of really big wenches and use one of the dead boats as a towed ferry.

    1. I don’t think I’d be a fan of wenches big enough to pull a CV hulk around. Seems like that might be … well, a little too much woman for me to handle.

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