5 thoughts on “The Golden Bear still has the Golden Touch”

  1. Captain Ned is right. I’ve watched a lot of historic sporting events, World Series, Super Bowls, Stanley Cups, the 1980 US hockey team. But the greatest two hours I have ever seen in sport was Jack’s birdie on 9 and his back-nine score of 30 when he won it at 46 in 1986. He birdied 9, 10, and 11, had a bogey in there somewhere which looked like the end, and then he dropped an eagle putt on 15, and birdied 16 and 17. The crowd was going absolutely wild when the eagle rolled in the cup, and never stopped until he’d won. What a tremendous thing to watch.

  2. And he has always been a classy guy on and off the course; unlike the guy chasing his majors record.

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