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As some of y’all know, Eldest is serving in the US Navy. One of the things I had to get used to was dealing with the fact that she is an adult and I have no control over her wants for a tattoo. I admit it is…. difficult to untie the apron strings, and I have managed to do so. For the most part. Oh, like *I* am the only parent who has ever gone through this???

Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, blogger friend XBradTC has a post about a Russian nuclear sub catching fire. The first thought to pop into my head was Red October. And then my friend Mark commented about reminding him of the movie Hostile Waters. And that brought to mind a survey done by USAA long ago about the best submarine movies of all time. I have told y’all how my mind wanders from one thought to another on skewed lines. This isn’t news. And I began to recall my favorites.

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Sometimes, the important thing is what is not included. There’s a terrible submarine movie that is NOT on the list. Go look. And tell me you don’t agree.

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    1. How can one not like a Cary Grant submarine movie with a boat-load of women?

      My wife suggests “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” as worst ever submarine movie.


    2. PLQ:

      Hmm, U-571, Crimson Tide, or Mr. Limpet. You make these choices very difficult, but I’ll have to go with Mr. Limpet.

    3. Mr. Limpet wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

      Crimson Turd was.

      So I vote Crimson Turd as the worst.

    4. Concur all. I was gonna question our humble host’s judgment if he panned Operation Petticoat. Cary and Tony Curtis? Good cinema.

      U571 was a movie for a 13 year old. Crimson Tide stunk out loud.

    1. No. U-571 was bad, but didn’t pretend to be anything more than a popcorn movie.

      Crimson Tide, however, was awful in every way.

    2. Crimson Tide -did- get one thing right: the dialogue. Having sat at that console during a drill involving launching nukes, I still get chills every time I watch that movie.

      Even though every other damn part was just terrible.

  1. Oh, good, I guessed right!

    And Down Periscope is one of my favorite movies as well, even if I found Lt. Emily Lake far-fetched. Cute, but far-fetched.

    “What’s our mission? Rescue Gilligan?”

  2. Rats! I was gonna guess Operation Petticoat!

    Up Periscope(1959, James Garner, Frank Gifford, Alan Hale and some old dudes) is kindasorta good. The ya novel by Robb White is much better imo.

  3. So, should I see crimson tide, just to see how bad a movie can be? Or should I count myself lucky to have missed it? How say y’all?


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