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  1. Since this is the top entry, I got an off-topic question for anyone here (including the site HMFIC). Have we (“we” meaning the U.S. military) stopped doing NEOs since I retired in 2012? I know SOCOM used to do them (I almost got deployed to support the NEO in Liberia in 1994), the Marines used to do practice NEOs all the time. Now, American citizens are trying to get out of Yemen and those two nitwit spokes-people at the White House and State (Psaki and what’s her name) are giving everyone the run-around. Are we really going to let China and India evacuate their citizens while we stand around with our thumbs up our ass. Ferchrissake, we have Camp Lemonier RIGHT ACROSS THE GULF OF ADEN. I’m pretty sure you could fly a heavy-lift helo across that Gulf in half an hour, tops (I’m making an educated guess since I was deployed to Camp “Lemonade” back in 2002, back when it was still just some old French Foreign Legion barracks).

    Honestly, how does an American president sit on his hands while something like this is happened and other nations are responding? Is it because Obama would have to admit he screwed up if he orders a NEO? Does he even know what the hell a NEO is?

    I sent an email saying the same thing to Ace over at his blog, we’ll see if this gets more attention in a day or two….

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