Never get between a man and his steak.

The amenities of civilized life are few and far between for the combat arms soldier deployed to Afghanistan. So it’s no surprise that this platoon doesn’t let a little thing like a Taliban attack spoil their steak grilling.


One suspects that the cook, really is a cook, a 92G.

From the always valuable Funkers 350.

2 thoughts on “Never get between a man and his steak.”

  1. THAT my friends is nice BBQ pit. I’m sure it was procured commercially. Back in the day it was a 55 gal dirum with a grate of some variety, or four or more cinder blocks with grating. GI ingenuity…gotta love it and “Spoons.” Just give GI’s the food…they will find a way to cook it!! Always helped to be proximal to an Army Maintenance BN, USAF Civil Engineering, Seabee unit plus I’ve never met a welder/machinist in uniform that wasn’t incredibly resourceful.

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