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Here’s a bunch of stuff I meant to post yesterday, but got busy with real life, and didn’t have time to write up.

Chinese Great Wall of Sand illegal, says senior US officer.


Bergdahl’s defense is slinging stuff at the wall, hoping something will stick.

The bit about the Good Conduct Medal is priceless. Of course he was awarded it, with the same verbiage as every GCM awarded. It’s automatically awarded absent UCMJ action, which, guess what? Bergdahl hasn’t faced any UCMJ yet.


Creepy #UrbEx video inside the Costa Concordia


The M113 will be 70 years old by the time the Army gets around to replacing the last of them.

I left this comment over at CDR Salamander’s.

I was rather undecided on whether UCLASS should concentrate on strike or ISR until McCain weighed in. That sold me on the ISR argument.

On the utter FUBAR’dness of DoD procurement, let’s take a look at the Army’s Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle program. The Army has long, long wanted to replace the old M113 APC and its variants in its many support roles. The obvious vehicle has always been a turretless M2 Bradley chassis. It’s powerful enough, and would share commonality with about 75% of the combat vehicle fleet of the Armored BCTs. But because the Army can’t simply buy what it wants, and what makes sense, it has to run an entire acquisition program, and competition and all the dog and pony shows, and carefully tailor the RFP, just to buy what everyone knows it should buy. And it still catches heat from Congress for not buying a Stryker variant for the role, in spite of the Stryker not being a good fit for that particular role.


As bad as our ROEs are, and how scrutinized our troops are on the battlefield, it’s nothing compared to the Brits. They literally find themselves being sued by the families of the enemy they kill.


The introduction of the Heads Up Display, beginning with the A-7, lead to the JHMCS, and the next iteration will be the Occulus Rift like $400,000 helmet on the F-35.


Looks like the Russians aren’t quite done with their slow motion invasion of Ukraine.

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  1. If the Chinese plan to fill the Pacific Ocean with sand, it’s going to take them a long time. =)

    But they are a patient race used to thinking long-term…

  2. -Looks like the Brits are hating life.

    -interesting read on the AMPV

    -doesn’t require UCMJ to deny a GCM.

  3. It’s like everyone knows they’ve got about 2 years to take at they can while Obama is happy to give away the store either at the table or by ignoring problems. I’m sure if he could think of a way to sell it, he’d have our soldiers living under the same liability rules that the Brits are being subjected to. Ugh.

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