Army announces big changes to the tattoo policy

Huntsville, Ala. — A newly revised tattoo policy that removes the limit on the number and size of soldiers’ tattoos is effective immediately, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno said Wednesday.

The new revision to the appearance policy still prohibits soldiers from having tattoos on their necks, and the ban will remain on tattoos that are extremist, racist or sexist, Odierno said at the AUSA conference here.

via Army announces big changes to the tattoo policy.

Here’s hoping this isn’t the worst April Fool’s joke evah.

The old policy was a stupid self inflicted wound. I don’t like tattoos, and don’t intend to ever get one. But as long as they aren’t extremist or show when in dress uniform, they’re not a detriment to mission accomplishment.

9 thoughts on “Army announces big changes to the tattoo policy”

  1. First the current Commandant of the Marine Corps reverses the previous Commandants sleeve roll ban and now the Army Chief of Staff does an about face on tattoos. Next thing you know, the Chair Force, oops, I meant the AIR Force will completely and wholeheartedly embrace CAS.

  2. Why even require everyone to wear the same uniform now? As long as you don’t wear clothing that is extremist, racist or sexist, wear whatever you want.

    1. Yes, because what you wear for everyone to see is exactly the same as what’s on your skin under your clothes.

      Did your mother try to drown you in the tub as a child?

    2. 1. Do people in the Army never, at any time, remove their shirts and expose their skin? I don’t think so. So those “under the uniform” tattoos WILL be seen.

      2. If you think the Army will hold the line at the “not on the neck or head” policy, you are completely deluded. If they have rolled over because “Society is changing its view of tattoos and we have to change along with that” then it is only a matter of time before they roll over and neck / head / face tattoos are permitted.

    3. Tarl, just out of curiosity, can you tell me what the ratio is of the length of time when face / neck tattoos were prohibited in the US military to the length of time when they were not prohibited*?

      Just curious.

      And I’ll bet the ratio is a lot more one-sided – and in the opposite direction – from what you’re thinking it is.

      Don’t think of this as “rolling over” so much as “rolling back around.”

      *I didn’t say “commonly seen outside of the Navy,” just “not prohibited.”

  3. Sheesh. What’s wrong with a uniform policy that’s, well, uniform, and dead effing simple?

    1. Yes, I know. Can you see my “I care” face from where you’re at? Or is it hidden by my tattoo?

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