Michelle Obama: Hooray for People Who Look Like Me!


Continuing the theme of Identity Politics of her race-baiting husband, Michelle Obama declares “Black Girls Rock!”

Oh, I know, it is just a harmless event to boost the self-esteem of a racially defined section of our population.   I am also certain that any similar event called “White Girls Rock!” would be accepted with open arms by “da Black Communitah”, and no celebrities who spoke there would ever be accused of being hateful racist bigots who have neo-Nazi tendencies, or might, in fact, be Klan members.

Sectarianism and the racial double standard.  The gifts that keep giving.


6 thoughts on “Michelle Obama: Hooray for People Who Look Like Me!”

  1. I assume you understand the concepts of slavery, its lingering effects that the US seems determined to perpetuate, Jim Crow and the lack of self-esteem in minority communities, especially african-american and especially african-american teenage/twenties girls. If so, I don’t understand your post. There is no false equivalency here, comparisons to the KKK (WTF?) not withstanding.

    1. Glad Polaris is willing to capitalize Jim Crow and KKK but can’t be bothered to capitalize America. It’s not like pretty much any device will do it for you, or at the very least put a little red squiggly line under it.

  2. Probably the most repulsive BEAST in every single definition, to ever inhabit the white hut

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