Bowe Bergdahl Charged with Desertion :

Weeks prior to the Army’s announcement on Wednesday that it would charge Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, with desertion, personnel assigned to a unit within the military’s Tampa, Florida-based Central Command headquarters read signs of bad things to come for the man they spent five years searching for in Afghanistan.

“Shortly after Bergdahl disappeared, his parents gave one of Bowe’s horseshoes to Gen. Mattis as a keepsake,” says an Army source who has knowledge of the incident.

General James Mattis, the charismatic, now-retired Marine Corps four-star, was head of Central Command at the time. “Mattis hung the horseshoe at CentCom. He put it on a wall. He hung it prominently, where everyone could see it, every day, as a constant reminder that we were searching for Bowe.”

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We don’t usually link to People Magazine,* but SKK is a long time friend of the blog, and she tells an interesting story.


*We do like to read it while waiting for our haircut at Supercuts. Gotta find Load HEAT candidates somewhere!

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  1. In addition to everything else, I’m just betting there will be some “fracturing” within the good village of Hailey, ID. Those who believe that if guilty he should suffer the consequences and those who think the lad should get a “by” (namely his parents), and will most likely lead to some level of discomfort at the local cafe. Oh the trickle down…and the hits just keep on coming.

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