EIB- You’re a GO at this station.


EIB has changed somewhat since I earned mine some 20+ years ago, but the fundamental requirement to show proficiency in basic individual tasks remains.

Serving on the EIB committee in subsequent years was both an honor and a pleasant duty.

3 thoughts on “EIB- You’re a GO at this station.”

  1. EIB committee is definitely better than EIB candidate… I enjoyed that duty (Dragon and hand grenades). Was fun to mess around on the other stations and get better and better, too. My personal best was getting the Dragon up and operational in 13 seconds. Gave more than one lieutenant a no go. Funny, I have a picture of myself working the Dragon station in BDUs with LBE on, sleeves rolled up, and patrol cap on which makes senior NCOs cringe now. But hey, that was the uniform.

    1. Dragon! LOL. We’re old.

      I was on the Land Nav committee, which personally, I thought was the best station to work. It was rather depressing to see several SFCs and SSGs struggle with what I thought was a relatively easy day course.

    2. When they made land nav a pre-requisite around 2002, my mortar platoon ran it. Was gratified when some of the junior NCOs caught some punks with a cheat sheet answer key and hammered them. Land Nav is fun, but you don’t get the immediate high stress of a guy who has already failed hand grenades once and is now retesting and on his last available hand grenades…

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