7 thoughts on “The Defense Budget”

  1. All three authors raise the correct basic point which is that our military is on the ropes in a practical sense while the big budget item R&D programs go fiscally forward with a “kind of” definitive purpose. The good Colonel’s thoughts regenerate the monies in military budgets AND exhibits how a practical budget would work if the under seen waste, fraud, and abuse is largely obliterated. My complimners to the good Colonel.

  2. I think the good Colonel is onto something. Alas, giving the DOD more money has often just gone into fat during my lifetime. It’s not just a problem with Libtards, it’s also a problem with so called Conservatives as well.

  3. You should not only cut funding, but you should reduce SES and above O5 personnel by 25% (I’d opt for reducing SES by 50%). I tried of a Navy that has more Admirals than ships.

  4. Schlicter by a nose. It’s time for the DOD to make some more hard choices. And, yes, I have seen some cuts in the last couple of years…

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