Marine Corps cuts annual training burden

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. — Marines will have to spend less time checking off annual training requirements starting now.

As packs grew heavier during more than a decade at war, so too did the service’s training burden as lessons were added for everything from preventing suicides to combating human trafficking.

Many of those requirements remain valid and necessary, according to officials here. But others can be streamlined, shortened or ditched all together.

In an effort to alleviate the ever-growing burden, the Marine Corps’ Training and Education and Combat Development and Integration commands undertook a comprehensive review to update Marine Corps Bulletin 1500 Annual Training and Education Requirements. The newest version, published Feb. 20, will give commanders more discretion on when, where and how they meet requirements given the needs of their unit’s specific mission.

via Marine Corps cuts annual training burden.

Common sense breaks out in the Marine Corps. Meanwhile, Army is doubling down.

A lot, and I mean a LOT of this training is purely check-the-box, cover the boss’s butt stuff. That’s not to say there isn’t value to some annual training requirements. But the idea that forcing a young troop to sit in front of a computer for an hour long power point presentation is valuable training is rather silly.

Further down, there’s a bit about empowering junior NCOs to conduct the training. Which, that’s the whole  point of having NCOs in the first place.

Pay attenti0n, Army.

4 thoughts on “Marine Corps cuts annual training burden”

  1. Must….stifle…..initiative….. Cannot….afford…to…..have (fill in the blank)….happ..en…..on….my… Well.., …I can….but…Must……to…show…sign-in….roster…that..shows….that…we..did..the training, so…i am…not…at….fault. No…matter….how…crappy…. it was…

    *collapses after sustained effort to toe the party line*

    *Arises in civilian clothing* “Outstanding, Marines. Keep leading by common sense.”

    1. *puts ACUs back on and heads back to work to prepare the next round of mandatory training, even though not fully trained in current job*

  2. The Army lost sight of the function of NCOs during the SE Asian resort tour. USAF did as well, inspiring my father to get out. Looks like the Army still hasn’t recovered that function.

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