6 thoughts on “That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!”

  1. Just a liiiitle close there. It can get dicey being alongside another ship like that. I was at the wheel of the Sylvania when alongside once. I saw the gyro run 5 degrees and almost panicked. The interacting wakes can do strange things to you.

  2. The USS Sacramento had a rudder casualty here. ISTR a split in the two rudders. With those long hulls, there is a lot of suction between an AOE and a CVN.

    This was a tad awkward in the Persian Gulf, but the Abraham Lincoln kept on duties assigned. Sacramento went into a local port for repair.

  3. Would it have been typical for carriers to move the planes so they didn’t overhang the edge of the flight deck when preparing to UNREP?

    1. Yep, the aircraft are positioned inboard before UNREP in case of something just like this. In this collision, there was fortunately no fore or aft relative motion. SAC’s kingposts came straight in then went straight out as the ships separated. NaCly Dog is right about the aftermath.

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