Cutaway Friday: LTV's SLAM

Before there was SLAM there was SLAM (Supersonic Land Attack Missile). All that AND powered by a nuclear power ramjet! What could possibly go wrong!?

You can learn more here.

7 thoughts on “Cutaway Friday: LTV's SLAM”

    1. Since there’s no water recirculating through the core, there would be much lower level of corrosion and wear products becoming activated in the core – where the majority of radioactivity we worry about. There will be some activation of atmospheric oxygen and carbon, but the first is very short-lived while the latter is very dilute.

      Once the thing “landed” the fuel cladding would almost certainly rupture, letting all of the exciting fission products out to play. The good news is that it would make for an effective area-denial weapon. The bad news is that it would probably be considered a crime against humanity.

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