Realistic Military Training

Which, who knew that was a current doctrinal term for training on non-federal lands?

[scribd id=258605525 key=key-dS1ZhJJ4ZgCH6XXhBqWp mode=scroll]

By the way, it used to be somewhat common for large scale exercises to be conducted off military posts. Google the Louisiana Maneuvers for instance.

7 thoughts on “Realistic Military Training”

  1. XBRAD – Would have thought you would treat marked documents a little better – You might want to be a little concerned that you are posting FOUO documents without getting them released through FOIA correctly. RMT is the new term – formerly RUT – Realistic Urban Training.

    1. Ordinarily, yeah. But it’s unclassified, AND was used in a public presentation to municipal governments.

      For fun, though, go to the scribd link and see the nut that uploaded it. Of COURSE it is a step toward martial law.

  2. The “Puking Buzzards” and elements from other units held off post exercises in the ’86-’87 time frame (Can’t remember the exact year, but think it was ’87). They sent some of their intel people down to my favorite map store in Nashville and cleaned them out of local USGS Topo maps for issue to the troops. I normally held warm feelings for them, but when they did that I was quite annoyed. They bought maps I needed but were for areas way outside their exercise area.

    1. They need lots of maps for realistic training because battles are always, as they say, fought on rainy nights at the junction of four map sheets.

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