CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday

If one must think of Woman’s History Month, I like to think of Mama Salamander. Honors graduate in Math. Trailblazer for women in the computer industry, mother, entrepreneur and never … never one to suffer fools or fads.

A misogynistic, woman hating, male chauvinist pig would be harder pressed to create an event that tee’d up an “I told you so” ball better than what I am about to share below – and about as contra-Mama Salamander as you can get. (think of Mama Salamander as a slightly younger Grace Hopper … if Grace Hopper was also a model as a side job)

As someone who from MIDN days supported women serving wherever they physically and realistically could, this torques me off, as it gives the “I told you so” crowd all the negative stereotype fodder they need.

via CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday.

I usually don’t like to link Sal’s DivThu posts mostly because I don’t want the Army to get any more bright ideas than it already has.

But go check out just what kind of stupid NAVAIR is spending defense dollars on.

As an added benefit, consider this.

5 thoughts on “CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday”

  1. What, Dalai Lama not available??? I mean if you want to be lectured on self actualization wouldn’t one want the “A” team??? This will make killing OPFOR so much more of a “touchy, feely” and emotionally channeled experience!!!! Sign me up!!

  2. The news today is full of the conflict between the defense hawks and the budget hawks. I propose a compromise: DOD is directed to shutter all diversity and equal opportunity officials, destroy any information regarding the race and/or ethnicity of any military member, disregard the minority status of contractors and suppliers, and is barred from providing any funds or non-monetary support to any event or organization that differentiates based on race, gender, ethnicity, or creed. In exchange, the DOD budget is increased by the difference between the sequester cuts and the money spent on the racist rent-seekers.

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