Would you like to play a game? A map of predicted nuclear targets in the US

There’s two scenarios mapped out, a 500 warhead target list, and a 2000 warhead target list.


Click the link to see the full sized map.

You’ll notice the targeting varies significantly between the two. That’s because there are two basic types of nuclear wars. Let’s address the 2000 warhead scenario first. You’ll notice three really big clusters of weapons in Montana, North Dakota and intersection of Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. That just happens to be where the vast majority of our Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles are. Such a targeting scheme is known as a Counter-Force scheme. The idea is to destroy our ability to use our ICBMs against the USSR.

In the 500 warhead scenario, while there are a goodly number of purely military targets, most predicted impacts are on civilian targets, such as state capitols and industrial and population centers. This scheme is known as Counter-Value. The idea is to hold at risk the truly most important resource of the nation, its people.

7 thoughts on “Would you like to play a game? A map of predicted nuclear targets in the US”

  1. Very cool map. It would be interesting to figure out exactly what each target is, and why it’s included.

    1. From the location of one or two of the spots in MO I’d say that power plants would be a good guess, Maybe bridges,

  2. Tallahassee, Gainesvillee and Ocala? Destroying the ACC, SEC and Floridas racehoss industry. Stuff like this used to give me freaky fear, I became an addict of of CD pamphlets. Luckily we owned a fish camp in the really deep tide swamps of Taylor County Fl where my plan was to repair to at the first decent interval and commence living the “Alas Babylon” lifestyle.

    1. Looking at the pattern of just the 500 warhead scenario, it would appear the US would become uninhabitable for quite sometime. You would probably die of radiation sickness within 6 weeks in your fish camp.

      I question some of the targets, frankly. The HQ of the national Guard, and most of the command control resides in state capitals. The first target sheets I saw, back in the 70s, had at least a 1 MT warhead targeted on each state capital, and each AFB.

      The KC area has so many targets because of the size of the area, and the presence of Whiteman AFB, home of the B-2. still, they have too many targeted there. Two is more likely.

    2. Reminds me of the nightmares I used to have, growing up in the early 1980s. The Cold War was almost hot back then, and at the time we actually didn’t know how close we got. (Able Archer and so forth).

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