Amphibious personnel carrier rolls up on Sullivan’s Island – Post and Courier

SULLIVAN’S ISLAND — Roommates Kyle Victory and Kate Ritchie had planned on a quiet day at the shore until the big amphibious thing showed up at Station 16.

“I think it’s fantastic that there’s a giant green creature on the beach on St. Patrick’s Day,” Victory said.

An amphibious combat personnel carrier was tested on Tuesday on Sullivan’s Island. General Dynamics Land Systems conducted the tests in hopes of landing a contract with the U.S. Marine Corps. Fort Sumter can be seen in the background.

What the recent College of Charleston graduates saw on Tuesday was defense contractor General Dynamics Land Systems testing a water-and-land friendly combat craft weighing more than 30 tons.

via Amphibious personnel carrier rolls up on Sullivan’s Island – Post and Courier.

From what I understand, the General Dynamics vehicle is the presumptive leader in the ACV competition. Nice to see it out and about. I’m a little surprised they didn’t take it to Little Creek or similar environs, but I guess that will come later.

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  1. I’m surprised they didn’t use the bay beaches at Ft. Story. Perhaps they already have, but those beaches are inside the bay and the wave action not quite as bad as they would have been at Sullivan’s Island.

    1. Also, it’s pretty convenient to Parris Island / MCAS Beaufort. I wonder if they just drove it up from there? Or would it be “sailed?” I’m not sure what you call it when they’re in the water?

  2. Sullivan’s Island is one of the few places that pass for decent surf spots on the east coast.

  3. Not to go all Mike Sparks but…

    Intriguing to see the wheeled amphib vice a tracked amphib.

    I knwo merits and down sides of both…wondering what the key performance criteria are in the requirments documentation.

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