8 thoughts on “The Final Countdown- 1980”

  1. Best movie of all time, and not just because I appeared in it. Well, maybe because I appeared in it. Very interesting experience. Oh Seun-taek (Simura the Zero pilot) was very gracious to the enlisted swine. Unfortunately, because of this movie, we had to stop leaving loaded Very pistols laying around in the helos.

  2. At one level, I liked it. At another level, the story doesn’t really go anywhere, except for the not-so-surprising tomato-surprise ending.

    They set up some interesting possibilities, then yanked the rug out. 🙁

    1. I wish I could read 300+ comment threads defending the LCS … because maybe that would mean there was something there that I was missing. As it is, nobody’s pointed out anything there that’s worth defending.

    2. I gave up on that thread around comment 200 I think.

      One wonders how that would have worked out. Would the little crappy ship have an actual module on board? If so, which?

      It would be interesting to see a simulation of a 3,000-ton “frigate”with a 57mm gun against the IJN. One wonders if the vertical RAM would be effective against Zeros.

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