Currently the only flying B-29, FiFi has been in my neighborhood all week. Sadly, the press of our domestic duties has kept us from visiting the Palm Springs Air Museum to have a closer look. On the other hand, we’ve had a chance to see her in her element a few times in the last few days.


6 thoughts on “FiFi!”

  1. She came to my city a couple of years ago – I went out there – paid my money to tour her – still impressive after 70 years
    Can send you some pics if you want

  2. Please join us at the Palm Springs museum and also consider joining planes of fame museum in Chino just over Mt. San Jacinto! Bob Pond his friends and current directors of both museums have an unparalleled collection. Although the rules and loans for Palm Springs museum seems to limit their aircraft to a single engine startup and run each year, the Chino team keep them flying – the connection and teamwork that Bob and his friends knit between the two organizations is something to see.

    Missed you at the El Centro Airshow this weekend for the kickoff of the 2015 Blue Angles season.

    Go Fast, Be Safe

  3. There was a B25 flying south, west of Georgetown, TX Yesterday. No idea of where he was heading.

  4. FiFi regularly seems to land/take off from Meacham airport in Fort Worth. I’ve seen her on more than one occasion.

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