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Intelligence services like the Russians and Chinese look for high-level U.S. Government communications with intense interest, and their technical acumen is impressive. Kremlin spy penetration of the White House is not a new problem, but it has taken on new angles in the Internet age. Smart counterintelligence officers assume that all unclassified .gov networks are compromised — many have similar doubts about more secure networks too — and anything sent out unencrypted, with the Clinton name right on it, could be intercepted by many intelligence services with ease.

We are at the point now where, thanks to Team Clinton’s destruction of tens of thousands of “private” emails, the American public will never know what the Secretary of State was up to — but the Kremlin surely does. Kudos to the Associated Press for suing to see what can still be seen, but anybody acquainted with Clintonian ways should not expect much to emerge, ever. If Hillary was up to anything shady in those destroyed emails — and given recent revelations of foreign fundraising by the Clinton Global Initiative that appears at least unethical, anyone sentient must wonder — people in Moscow who do not like us will be aware of it. The word you are looking for is kompromat.

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Not only has the communications of the highest levels of our government been utterly compromised, because of Clinton’s destruction of emails, we don’t even have the ability to reconstruct just what has been compromised.

The Imitation Game, a recent movie, celebrated the efforts of Alan Turing and others to crack German coded communications. Great effort and expense were used to achieve modest penetrations.

Here, Clinton simply gave away the store. It’s flabbergasting.

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  1. Don’t subpoena just the server, subpoena all the backup tapes. Odds are you’ll find they didn’t get all those and you might get lucky to find some of the destroyed email.

    1. Better chance that the emails would be there, but one has to imagine that the first thing she did was order all of those tapes destroyed. Of course, she could have been doubling-down on her Nixonian nature and kept them anyway.

    2. Red6, that’s assuming that backup tapes were made in the first place.

      Given that the system was installed in Hillary’s house, I seriously doubt that happened.

    1. Indeed. Having a separate server would allow access to anyone they chose so long as that anyone could install some spyware providing a modicum of deniability to the owner.

  2. I’m not among the Clinton haters. Never have been. But can you say “Operational Security?” I mean Jesus H. Christ on a Cross, this is the SECSTATE! EVERY bloody email she sent. Every memo to a state department official was basically sent “in the clear” to the Russians, the Chinese and God only who else that has competent hackers on their payroll.

    All the Clinton haters and Hillary bashers are MISSING THE DAMNED POINT. This is 4 1/2 YEARS of top level diplomatic strategy, goals and methods (at the least) handed over to our rivals on a silver platter.

    This is the biggest intelligence coup since Philby! And the MSM are worried about TRANSPARENCY???!!! RUFKM?

    All of a sudden Putin’s moves make a lot more sense. He had every page of our playbook YEARS in advance of when he made his moves. It also explains a lot of Assad’s moves, seeing as he’s a Russian client.

    Ukraine ought to put a hit out on Hillary. She’s done more damage to them than 2 divisions of Russian regulars ever could have.

    She might not have TECHNICALLY broken any laws, but her actions were so grossly incompetent and careless she should never be able to show her face in public again. The STUPID here burns……

  3. Given that Hillary is such a well-known and well-documented liar, I wonder how much credibility and reliability our opponents give even her most secret communications. Or Kerry’s.

    “Confusion to our enemies”, as some dead white male(s) once said.

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