What’s up with Putin?

It’s been a loooong time since we’ve played Kremlinologist.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin hasn’t been seen much since March 5th, which is apparently about the longest stretch since he took power.

And now there’s word that the Kremlin is telling reporters that there will be a major announcement this weekend. No idea what it will be.

There has been speculation about Putin’s health, but old time Kremlin watchers also recall that “health concerns” was sometimes code for “lost at political infighting.”

We’ll see. Eventually.

3 thoughts on “What’s up with Putin?”

  1. Wacky crazy conspiracy theory time: Putin will announce his retirement for “health reasons” and the Ukraine war will die down – either the current pro-Russia leaders will be abandoned or their support will be reduced to just enough to keep the Ukrainians from winning outright – in order to give the Obama Administration a foreign policy win. This will couple with the upcoming collapse of ISIS (the group has always been to extremist and violent to last long) to burnish the last couple of years of Obama’s tenure. All in the hopes of getting the thoroughly compromised Clinton in the White House. Once Clinton is elected, Putin will make a dramatic recovery and his hand-picked successor will gratefully step down, giving Tsar Vlad another 8 years to work on consolidating his West Asian empire.

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