Booster test today

Successful 5-segment booster firing in Utah earlier today.

**Tim Allen grunts “More Power!**

6 thoughts on “Booster test today”

    1. Especially since these “new” boosters are made mostly from parts retrieved from previous Shuttle launches.

  1. Solid rocket boosters seem like such a simple thing, both to build and to reuse, at least on paper, especially to the extent they are based on STS hardware.

    Why would a guy like Elon Musk, famous for spending years of his life intensely studying rocket science and then proving he had mastered it with SpaceX launches, completely avoid using SRBs in favor of liquid fueled engines?

    1. One simple reason, and it’s the core of the man-rating criteria. When things go stupendously wrong (and in rocketry that’s a when, not an if) you can turn liquids off. Not so much for SRBs.

      My personal opinion is that SRBs should never be man-rated.

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