Still trying to catch my breath after a busy (but great fun) weekend in San Diego. I’ll share some pics later, dear reader. For now…

Loren Thompson has some informed speculation on the Air Force’s future Long Range Strike-Bomber program, already colloquially known as the B-3.


I’m not going to name names on who mistook a picture of an RAF Jaguar for an F-4 Phantom, but I will share a couple Jag vids, including the sea trials with the French Navy. Suffice to say, that small wing wasn’t happy to be around the boat.




Carl Forsling looks at morale issues in the service. And I tend to agree with him.


Like to hear about MiGs getting shot down? Here’s the audio of a division of A-1 Skyraiders taking out one or two MiG-17s over Vietnam.

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  1. Loren Thompson is a prostitute. In this case, Boeing and Lockheed are paying him but not Northrop. Read his words accordingly.

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