Obama Caught in a Lie With Remarks About Hillary E-mail Scandal

Seems Barack Obama can’t keep the fibs straight.  From thefederalistpapers.org.  In a CBS interview with Bill Plante, this is what His Majesty had to say:

Nope.  Certainly sounds like he never e-mailed her.  Had no idea about the private e-mail domain.   But now Josh Earnest tells us that Obama did indeed e-mail Hillary, at that private address and private domain, in her role as Secretary of State.  Which means, as TFP points out, that Obama was lying.  Through his teeth.  Again.  Knowing good and well he is covering for his boss’s dishonesty, Earnest keeps trying to tell us “the point” is something other than Barack Obama being caught in another lie.

The rest is just a tap-dance to cover that fact.   But I am sure Brother Barack is telling the truth about banning ammunition, and about Obamacare, and regulation of the internet, and Benghazi, and the IRS, and Solyndra, and Iran, and…..

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4 thoughts on “Obama Caught in a Lie With Remarks About Hillary E-mail Scandal”

  1. Banning ammunition. Never happened (unless you count the latest cop-killer armour piercing variety)

    Benghazi. Countless Republican committees find nothing, despite what Fox would have you believe.

    Obamacare. Reducing the deficit, reducing healthcare costs (unprecedented), insuring millions and coming in cheaper than expected.

    IRS. Cincinnati operatives targeting political groups (both ends of the political spectrum) since “Citizens United” allowed the richest to buy elections and claim a tax write-off

    Regulation of the internet. An attempt by Congress to prevent Comcast and Viacom from charging you exorbitant fees to operate this blog

    Iran. Lets talk for once. Unless you follow Bib’s argument where the logical conclusion is a pre-emptive nuclear strike

    Solyndra. This and the previous administration try to help a start-up that looked like a winner. This wasn’t as successful as the current administration makes a similar attempt with GM

    and…. killed Bin Laden

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