10 thoughts on “Three Years.”

    1. My e-mail is my nom de blog with an underscore between the two parts of my online name followed by an at symbol and then KS Broadband. It’s a dot net ending. This is a tad cryptic to foil spam bots.

  1. I, too, miss him every day. I also miss the comments and commenters who shared so much by being part of the Neptunus Lex world.


  2. As I commented at “I Don’t Know, Ask The Skipper”:
    I looked at the calendar today and reflected on the three years.
    The day of the crash, Whispers post, my thoughts for the “Hobbit” and the kids.
    Lex was an “everyday” stop on the web.
    I still have the bookmarks, though they are dead.
    Damn, I miss that guy. He was one in a thousand.
    The world is a lesser place without him…

    1. There was talk of bringing the website back, but I guess the family doesn’t have the energy or simply wants to move on. Can’t blame them either way.

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