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  1. That NY Times reporter apparently sounded a little scared this morning when he was interviewed on Hillary-friendly “The Morning Joe”. Maybe someone sent him a DVD of Boris Nemstov’s final moments?

  2. Sigh. The new regs weren’t implemented by State until a year and half after Clinton left the office. John Kerry has been the only Secstate to be issued a standard gov. email address. Colin Powell used a personal address and did not turn over any to the State Dept when he left. But in don’t let me get in the way of the hate. I’d suggest “Google” .

    1. All of Colin Powell’s e-mails on his personal account were unclassified. HRC ONLY used her personal account from a server not in the government network. If she sent or received so much as a single item of classified or SBU information on that e-mail, she is in violation of 18 USC 641 and 18 USC 798, not to mention her own Foreign Affairs Manual and EO 12958. Do more than Google.

  3. There is no way you could know what emails on Powell’s account were unclassified or not. Ditto HRC. Fact is State didn’t implement this policy until a year and a half after HRC left. Did you get that info from googling the Snowden movie ? “Google” may be the best way for the haters to at least begin to get informed. But do more than Google.

    1. You’re the one who told us to google. And obviously, URR (who does this stuff for a living) did MORE than just google already.

      Be careful you don’t hurt your back moving those goalposts.

    2. Correct, I don’t KNOW all of Colin Powell’s personal emails were unclassified. But he did not use email as a primary means of communication, and having been a Commissioned Officer of high rank had handled classified material for decades. Why no scandal? He and his Department didn’t get caught red-handed lying about Benghazi. HRC’s ONLY means of communication was through a private email on an uncleared non-government server. Whether FRA was in effect or not (it was, the electronic communications archiving requirement is 20 years old) the statutes I cited apply to all people handling classified material, whether they military, government, or in the employ of the government directly or indirectly as a contractor.

      She did indeed turn over emails. All the emails? There is ample evidence that she did not. And this Administration and HRC have long since forfeited any benefit of the doubt.

  4. And FYI Clinton turned over her emails to the State Department. While she was Secstate, the Federal Records Act didn’t require federal employees to use government accounts, only to preserve records of emails. Yep, I googled that one (h/t Tomasky) because it’s getting late and I’m feeling like f*cking Canute

  5. It must be getting late. I missed the goal post insult. Interesting that you know nothing about me (I assume) but believe that “URR” knows more about this issue than I do. Well, “URR” needs to read the statutes that he claims to know so well. I did. Tomasky is correct. But never mind, I’m done. As previously hinted, haters got to hate. The modern day Camera stellata.

    1. My favorite part is, after having a security clearance for 30+ years (and currently TS/SCI), being lectured on handling of classified and SBU information. Some people will positively tie themselves in knots to make excuses for the far-left’s criminal behavior. And this IS criminal. Were I caught doing what she did, I would be charged for each and every instance, and the lesser included offenses of failing to report an incident.

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