Spartan Pegasus- Airborne Ops in the Great White North

Of my basic training platoon at Ft. Benning, maybe half of us received orders overseas. About half of those went to Germany. The rest of us were split fairly evenly between Hawaii (where I went) and Alaska.

I remember laughing at one fellow receiving orders to Alaska, and was a tad surprised to learn he was delighted with the orders. Me? I don’t do well with cold. But some folks do.

Since World War II, the US Army has mantained a significant presence in Alaska. Among the nice things about it, there is plenty of space for training. Of course, the weather and terrain means that the units there are somewhat uniquely equipped.


I’m guessing the troops are from 3-509PIR, but I don’t know that for sure. The funny looking little vehicle in the heavy drop is an M973 Small Unit Support Vehicle, basically a BV206.

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  1. A college classmate had been stationed at Richardson with Company O Arctic Rangers before it was disbanded and folded into the airborne unit there. He loved the place. After he granulated ROTC he tried to go back, but had chosen Armor as his branch. I told him that was a mistake if he really wanted to go back to Alaska. He ended up at Lewis instead. I think he liked that better than Alaska.

  2. Up in the real great white north we have a special term for winter operations – it’s called “standard training”.

    Great video and well done 3-509


  3. The TXARNG’s 143d Infantry Battalion (Airborne) has a company in Alaska and another in Rhode Island with the bulk of the battalion located in central Texas. Got nothing but love for Malamute DZ!!!

  4. Are the rear tracks on that beastie driven by electricity or hydraulics. The articles I’m finding don’t make it clear, but the umbilical between the two sections is obvious.

    Oh, and I want one.

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