Six Years of Blogging – Think Defence

Today marks the sixth birthday of Think Defence.

The reason I started Think Defence was simply to provide a forum for (hopefully) sensible conversations about UK defence and security.

I actually received the inspiration to ‘do something’ from Dr Richard North at EU Referendum who at the time was campaigning on the Snatch Land Rover issue against a great deal of negativity. Richard eventually spun Defence of the Realm out from the main blog and so one might consider DOTR as the ‘grandaddy’ of UK Defence Blogs although I think Tony McNally has been blogging at Rogue Gunner since 2006.

With a broader subject spread, Think Defence was born with a post about the A400M.

via Six Years of Blogging – Think Defence.

I missed this by a couple days.

Happy Anniversary to one of the best defense blogs out there.

TD is always an interesting read, though translating it from English to American is sometimes harder than you’d expect.

There’s something eccentric in the British character that allows them to become a tad obsessive about a subject, in a good way. Where else would you expect to find a defense blog that has such a fascination with the humble ISO shipping container, and how much it contributes to national defense?

Well done, TD.

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