So Let's Let 'Em Have Nukes!

…what a great idea.

After all, just because they conduct naval maneuvers to practice sinking US warships is no reason to think they are hostile toward the United States.

Just like threatening to wipe Israel off the map is no indicator of any latent dislike of our ally.  More diplomatic success for our anti-American President.

7 thoughts on “So Let's Let 'Em Have Nukes!”

  1. To be sure, this is a set piece display. A joke, really.

    What is so frustrating is that the Obama administration seems determined to help Iran achieve its goals against our own interests. And those goals will destabilize the region in ways that are not that hard to foresee.

    Does anyone think Saudi Arabia won’t pursue a nuclear weapons program if Iran has one?

    1. It is a set-piece display. Which in many ways is precisely the point. Deliberate symbolism rather than a capabilities exercise. That speaks volumes….

    2. Agreed. Then there goes the neighborhood. 🙁

      The only question I have is whether the Sauds start their own program, or buy them from Pakistan. Or maybe a little of both.

    3. But it is in the interests of the Obama maladministration, to weaken us, and make that weakness plain to the Forces of Darkness. By doing so, they help to decrease resistance on the part of the next victims.

    4. Chances are that the Saudis have already purchased a few tactical nukes from either the Pakis, or may have acquired some of the “loose nukes” that were floating around in Russia.

  2. I really feel like Obama’s goal is to make impossible for America to act in the world. To that end, they want to strengthen our opponents so taht we can’t be “evil” anymore and damn the consequences.

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