Red Bull Rising: Mil-Blogging is Dead? Long Live Mil-Blogging!

Here’s a quick sit-rep on my never-ending quest toward a Grand Unified Theory of Mil-blogging. Readers of the Red Bull Rising blog, Facebook friends and followers, and/or participants in previous writing or blogging workshops will recognize much of this history and logic.

My usual caveats, of course, still apply: This is my view from my foxhole. “Everybody has their own war.” Take what you need, leave the rest. And, most importantly, I reserve the right to change and evolve my opinions over time. Because that’s what good conversations do. And blogs, among other things, are inherently conversations.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

via Red Bull Rising: Mil-Blogging is Dead? Long Live Mil-Blogging!.

You’ll kindly note that I commented on this phenomena a few months ago.

Wow. I’m a thought leader, and didn’t even recognize it!