Obama picks State's Psaki to head White House communications

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki will become President Barack Obama’s new communications director, filling a key slot as Obama embarks on the final two years of his presidency, White House officials said Thursday.

She replaces veteran Democratic media strategist Jennifer Palmieri, who is leaving the White House to join Hillary Rodham Clinton’s likely presidential campaign. Psaki will step into her new role April 1.

via Obama picks State’s Psaki to head White House communications.

April Fool’s Day. How fitting.

As DrewM notes, Obama is just trolling us now.

4 thoughts on “Obama picks State's Psaki to head White House communications”

  1. She knew nothing about foreign policy because she was only a campaign hack. Now, she gets to demonstrate her lack of knowledge about everything else. Isn’t that wonderful?

  2. Makes total sense, she and the president’s thoughts processes are the same, not that that is a good thing.

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