Iwo Jima- Seventy Years Ago

I’ll leave it to URR to write the history of one of the most vicious battles of the war, a battle that still serves as a touchstone to the Marines today. He has several weeks to address it. That tiny island you see in the photo below would take six weeks to secure.

Uncommon valor was a common virtue- Nimitz


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  1. Say something good about the Fourth Marine Division and I will show it to dad. He was in all the 4ths festivities, Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo. Needless to say not in a rifle company. Hq. Company Radioman.

  2. My Father is part of a group of combat veterans called Cooper’s Troopers. They meet every two months I believe and always have a guest speaker of some note, sometimes a recently returned veteran, other times one of thier one speaking about his individual war experience. This week they commemorated the Iwo landing and had 7 (!!) Marine veterans of Iwo in attendance. It sounded like a great evening, and the Iwo Jima veterans were treated as would be expected by a group of fellow combat veterans.

  3. This week is the annual Iwo Jima Association of America reunion and symposium here in DC, so today I toured the NMMC with more than 20 Iwo veterans. While waiting for a table for lunch at Tun Tavern, three young Marines gave up their table for Iwo veteran Glenn Murphy, so we got seated promptly. I got a lot of video of interviews, just need to see if the sound quality is any good. Quite the treat!

    1. It was the first time they tried it on such a large scale. I believe the first time they purposefully did not contest the beaches was on Biak. My father was there, and I remember him saying nobody expected that. So they came ashore and were just about thinking the Japanese garrison had evacuated, when all hell broke loose. A bloody shambles until they got on top of it.

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