2 thoughts on “C.I.A. Is Said to Have Bought and Destroyed Iraqi Chemical Weapons – NYTimes.com”

  1. The other shoe. They greased the skids with their hack piece about Iraqi chemical weapons a couple months back.

    The media was complicit in a decade-long series of lies intended to turn the electorate against a Republican Administration. Because they are bought and paid for by the anti-American far left.

    All of you commenters who insisted on denying that Saddam had nerve agent unaccounted for and was trying to sell for hard capital, maybe this will be what pulls your heads out of your collective rectal pores.

    1. Saddam had a nuke program as well, that got shipped to Syria at the last moment. Fortunately, the Israelis put paid to it in 2007. We shipped 22 tons of yellowcake to Soviet Canuckistan as well.

      The meme of “bush lied, people died” has always been palpably false. But, not the equivalent “Zer0 lied, people died.” He’s still lying, and people are still dying.

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