Oak Harbor NJROTC teams heading to national competition – Whidbey News-Times

Oak Harbor High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp competitive teams are a perennial regional power, but now the Wildcats are aiming to succeed at the national level.

Oak Harbor will sent its orienteering team to the Navy National Championships Feb. 14-15 in Agua Dulce, Calif., and its rifle team to Western Regional Finals Feb. 20-21 in Phoenix, Ariz.

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Well done, Wildcats.

We didn’t have orienterring as a competition when I was there back in the stone age. We did have a rifle team. They used .22LR rifles back then, but have since switched to air rifles. Interestingly, the rifle range was in the crawl space under the elementary school.

I tried out, very, very briefly for the rifle team, but my poor vision and the palsy in my hands soon showed me that I was utterly unsuited.

What’s interesting is the travel part for the rifle team. Back in the day, while many meets took place physically, that is, the team would travel to another school’s range and fire for record, many other meets were “postal” in which the targets would be scored, and compared via mail (or really, telephone) to determine winners of geographically separated teams.

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  1. That whole eyesight and palseyed hands thing is why we preferred you barking orders as CO of the Armed Drill Team and not throwing 9 1/2 pound ’03 Springfield’s with us in the squads.

    I was telling my son just the other day about the range under the elementary school.

    1. Don’t kid yourself, slick. Even after leaving the phalanx for the lofty heights of team command, I was better with a Springfield than anyone else on that team.

      I don’t have a lot of talents in this world, but that was one.

    2. granted, I have four additional years experience, but name a place and bring the rifles, and I will crush you. Make mine with fixed bayonet, please….

    3. My daughter shoots on the Hohenfels JROTC rifle team. Air rifles at short range, but they do pretty well. The rifle team at Vilseck currently is all-girl by chance, and they actually challenged any local army units to come “shoot like a girl”as a competitive fundraiser.

  2. He would have thrown a wobbler! Good co though! Could you even imagine taking a gun to That range today….don’t think you would get ten feet from your car.

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