Whidbey area leaders discuss new squadrons, jet noise – Whidbey News-Times

Operations Officer Cmdr. Wallace Gaber said that the base continues to try to work with resident complaints about the Growler jet noise. Complaints about low flights are investigated by recorded radar, said Gaber, who added that no Federal Aviation Administration rules have been broken except in the rare case of an emergency.

The base has expressed interest in building a “hush house,” which would muffle some of the on-ground jet engine noise, Nortier said.

And in response to complaints on Lopez Island, pilots have been instructed to keep landing gear up during touch and go operations at Ault Field until they are away from the San Juans and over the water, Gaber said.

Gaber reported that the Navy saw 825 complaints in 2013 made by 289 individual callers and 797 calls made by 283 individuals in 2014.

“What you will see is that a lot of callers are calling more than once,” Gaber said, adding that one individual called 145 times in 2014.

via Whidbey area leaders discuss new squadrons, jet noise – Whidbey News-Times.

If you scroll down to the comments at the Whidbey News-Times, you can make a pretty good guess who called 145 times.

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  1. Okay, I am confused by the requirement to keep gear up during touch-and-go ops on Ault Field. As a junior student of naval aviation, it would seem that the increase in noise stems from the application of full-throttle during replication of a bolter. Are they actually saying that they don’t touch wheels? Are they still going to afterburner? (Now that they have one…) What is the purpose? Please tell me that they aren’t just flying the pattern without any of the training benefit? Insane.

    1. This guy doesn’t own the fruit stand by Dugualla, does he? I saw reference to selling blueberries. Remind me not to patronize that place anymore, if so… You know I like to hit that place when I make my once-a-decade trip back to the homeland.

    2. It takes a much higher (and thus louder) power setting to maintain level flight in the dirty configuration around the pattern. They’re still doing touch-and-goes. I don’t know what the local rules are on afterburner use, but I’ve never seen or heard them use ’em in my brief visits up there.

  2. Next person who moves next to an airport and then complains about the noise needs to have their house bulldozed and receive a lifetime ban from flight .

    1. There’s an incredibly small cadre that is willing to see NASWI closed and the local economy destroyed. One suspects they would like to see greater home sales to the greater Seattle area wealthy.

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