New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions Again

Super Bowl Football

The New England Patriots have won their fourth Super Bowl, all with Tom Brady at quarterback.   They beat Seattle, 28-24, in a thriller that included two fourth-quarter Brady touchdown passes.  He ties Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with four rings while playing in his record sixth Super Bowl, and won his first and fourth championship thirteen years apart.   That is three full generations of NFL players, and the longest stretch by far between Super Bowl wins.  He also ties Montana as a three-time Super Bowl MVP.  Brady stands alone as the greatest quarterback in NFL history, certainly the winningest.  Bill Belichick is also, more arguably, the greatest coach in NFL history, at least in the modern era.

As someone who has watched every Super Bowl since 1972, I can say this was right up there with the greatest Super Bowl games ever.  Seattle is a tremendously talented team, and Wilson an exceptional quarterback.  But this is truly a GREAT Patriots team, with the all-time greatest player at the most important position in the NFL.

As for the NFL “sting” operation, word is that the NFL has no proof whatever that the Patriots did anything outside the rules.  Until they do, I don’t wanna hear the sore losers bitching because your team lost to New England.

But thanks, XBRAD, in advance for next year’s bonus.  Like the newspaper declaring “Dewey Defeats Truman”, it is bound to be a collector’s item in a few years.

Ouch, indeed.  Oh, and I am going to invent a Cris Collinsworth mute button.  What a jackass.

2 thoughts on “New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions Again”

  1. Seattle certainly failed to play to their full potential. You can’t give away a full quarter of football.

    And that call at the end? Madness!

    Congrats to the Pats. A good, hard game, well played. Brady knew the Seattle weak spots, and played them well.

    1. Yes, well, sticking with the NAVAIR theme from earlier: you know where the plaque for the alternates is. 😀

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