Wednesday Matinee-The Enemy Below

Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgens face off in this classic cat and mouse story of the U-boat war. This one has Korean subtitles, but it looks great, sounds good, and after a few minutes, you don’t even notice the subtitles.



Heh. SUB-titles.


Get it?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Matinee-The Enemy Below”

  1. Years ago the can I was on had pulled into Boston for a show the flag port visit. We had gone cold iron in one engineroom and one fireroom and the snipes were in the crew’s lounge getting ready for liberty. The Enemy Below was playing on the TV and we were picking at what was wrong and laughing at the errors. At that point a torpedo explodes in one of the engineering spaces. We all worked amid 600 pound superheated steam and we all knew that the chances of getting out were zero. A hush fell as we thought about the reality, and we were no longer laughing. A very good movie.

    John in Philly

  2. An excellent movie. DA Rayner wrote the book and I recommend all of his books. He was an RNVR CDR during the battle of the Atlantic and commanded everything from a group of A/S trawlers to an Escort Group (Corvette, several Destroyers (one shot out from under him, Frigate, etc.). His writing is excellent.

  3. Brilliant movie and funny thing I remember that has a headliner in 1973 in the downtown Landstuhl (Germany) movie theater.

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