5 thoughts on “The Liberation of Auschwitz”

  1. I read about 3rd Armored Division liberating Nordhausen Dora. Nordhausen Dora was sub camp D for Buchenwald. 6000 dead on the day 3AD arrived. At sub camp D, not the Main Camp. Our President’s Islamic friends would like to see the return of those days. We are living in Interesting Times. God Help Us.

  2. Now, those who do not want Islamists shouting “Death to Jews!” in the streets of Europe are characterized as the “far right” and neo-Nazis.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, that organization so closely aligned to AQ and CAIR, was a wholesale supporter of Hitler’s Final Solution. A position which they have NEVER renounced. In fact, they are still quite vocal about their support for it.

  3. My Uncle Jim was with the 3rd Army when they liberated the Bavarian concentration camps and said that the only reason his fellow soldiers didn’t massacre every German they saw was because the knew Patton would court martial them for murder.

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