Coast Guard SAR in action

Here’s a textbook example of the Coast Guard executing a long range Search and Rescue mission to save the life of an aviator in distress.

Yesterday, a Cirrus SR-22 with an auxiliary fuel tank installed was being ferried from California to Hawaii. This is a fairly routine procedure. In this case, however, it appears that a fuel transfer valve malfunctioned, and the pilot quickly realized he would be unable to reach his destination with the remaining available fuel. A quick calculation showed he would run out of fuel about 230 miles short of land.

A Mayday call to the Coast Guard led to the dispatch of a Coastie HC-130 Search and Rescue plane. The Herc served as the on scene coordinator. It located a cruise ship in the vicinity of the anticipated splashdown point, and provided* navigational assistance to both parties.

The SR-22 has an installed parachute recovery system that allows it to deploy its parachute in the event of engine failure or other emergency.




*That’s actually supposition on my part. Call it informed speculation.

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  1. I’d agree that the CG did talk to both to put them in the vicinity of each other. I’d say it’s more along the lines of what is expected of them rather than speculation.

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