Updates on Company Level Feeding

For some reason, I’m obsessed with small unit rations and feeding. Mostly because I spent so much time eating the first generation MREs and not getting more than one or two hot meals in the field for weeks at a time.

Anyway, the current standard for small unit feeding is the KCLFF, or Kitchen, Company Level, Field Feeding.

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But the Army is replacing this with the Assault Kitchen. First, take out whomever named it and beat them to death. The kitchen is not leading the charge.

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Second, there are some pros and some cons to this “upgrade.”

First, the pros:

  • Much improved burner unit.
  • Smaller logistical footprint.
  • Heat on the move capability
  • Space for both AK and roughly four days rations on Humvee and trailer.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Ability to feed two hot meals per day.

Now the drawbacks.

  • Only suitable for heating UGR-H&S (Unitized Group Rations- Heat & Serve)
  • Not capable of preparing UGR-A and UGR-B (basically, fresh foods, and canned meals with some shelf stable items).
  • While KCLFF is rated for only one hot meal per day, it too can prepare two UGR-H&S daily under most circumstances.
  • Did I mention Assault Kitchen was a really stupid name?

UGR-H&S isn’t a bad feeding system, for the short term. But the inability to provide cooked fresh hot meals such as the UGR-A is a serious handicap if the supported company will be isolated for extended periods, such as deployed in a Combat Outpost in Afghanistan.

4 thoughts on “Updates on Company Level Feeding”

  1. Don’t be such an old Fudd! They could call it the AK-15, for introducing the Assault Kitchen in 2015. combining two of my favorite letters with my 2nd favorite number. And if it produces ‘gut bombs,” and it may well from time to time, the Assault Kitchen moniker would be appropriate.

  2. Might need to move it’s position in the ToE from being underneath the cooks to underneath the NBC NCO?

  3. “Assault Kitchen”
    That’s nice, but is it kinetic?

    I am going to have to take a break before I finish reading this fine article.

  4. “Only suitable for heating UGR-H&S (Unitized Group Rations- Heat & Serve)”

    Basically it’s an expensive heater for super-sized C rations. And it can only do two meals per day? I can do the same with a garbage can and an immersion heater.

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