MCLIC Madness

Some of this video you might have seen posted here earlier. The MCLIC is the Mine Clearing Line Charge. Basically it is a tube stuffed with plastic explosives. A rocket drags the tube out of its bin, and across a minefield. The charge is then exploded. The blast overpressure will cause mines in the vicinity to sympathetically detonate. The Marines use a modified M1 tank hull, the Assault Breacher Vehicle, as a launch platform for the MCLIC, though it can be adapted to several other mounts, including a trailer mount towed by a Humvee. The first part of the video is interesting as it shows how the MCLIC is set up on the vehicle, and gives you a decent look at the rocket itself.


The second half of the video shows five or six of a man portable, much smaller version of the MCLIC, known as the APOBS or Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System being used to clear mines/IEDs from an open lot in the village.


Best of all, there’s some great splodey.

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  1. Have a look on YouTube for Giant Viper or Python mine clearance, how the UK does it, the same!

  2. Cool! I never saw that smaller one before. That’s a really good idea. I wonder how heavy it is? Once in training we did a live fire assault were we took some engineers along in the back. They hopped out and put some bangalore torpedoes under a wire obstacle and I got to watch from my driver’s hatch from probably a bit closer than you are normally supposed to be! This seems like a little bit safer tool to use.

    1. Wiki tells us the full kit is 125 pounds. That’s why it’s in two cases, each being capable of used as a pack, right about 65 pounds, which is pretty much the upper limit for man portable.

      During some unit training while waiting for Desert Storm to kick off, we did a hasty breach on a notional AT minefield with C-4 and det cord. We were about 5 meters from the first charge. But we were also crouched behind our Bradleys. It was… loud.

  3. The army has also fielded ABVs. Not fully, but well along in the process. I’ve watched them in action here in JMRC but mixed opinion on it still. If I hadn’t just worked until 2230 and have to be back at work by 0550, I’d write some.

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