Marines mull change to social media policies

Marine officials have revealed little about their strategy to counter Marines’ participation on social media pages with abusive or misogynistic content, but change may be on the way.

Officials say discussions are taking place at Headquarters Marine Corps concerning who is the arbiter of content and whether a single entity should be responsible for application and enforcement of social media standards.

“Any changes that may arise are still in a predecisional stage,” said Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Eric Flanagan.

via Marines mull change to social media policies.

I thought GEN Amos was gone?

This will not end well.

3 thoughts on “Marines mull change to social media policies”

  1. Heck, it won’t even start well. They will spend years squabbling about definitions of misogyny, participation, etc. and who gets to define them. Who is going to do the monitoring, and how much will it cost?

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