Box-Office Shocker: 'American Sniper' Tops Friday With $30.5M, Could Approach $80M – The Hollywood Reporter

Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper is smashing records at the North American box office, where it topped Friday’s chart with $30.5 million from 3,555 theaters for a debut in the $75 million-$80 million range over the long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, well ahead of expectations.

That would mark the largest opening of all time for the month of January, as well as one of the top grosses ever for a non-tentpole, much less an R-rated, modern-day war film.

via Box-Office Shocker: ‘American Sniper’ Tops Friday With $30.5M, Could Approach $80M – The Hollywood Reporter.

How is it that Hollywood is continually surprised that films that are patriotic or portray Americans, particularly servicemembers, in a positive light are highly successful. They’re always shocked that films that trash the military, such as In the Valley of Elah get fantastic reviews, but top out with a box office gross of just over $6 million?

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  1. I think those in Hollywood live in a bubble, comforted by those with similar beliefs – I’ve had 3 movies on my “to see” list – Imitation Games, American Sniper and Unbroken. Went to see Imitation Games today (also recommended), and while waiting the 45 minutes for it to start snuck into another theater showing American Sniper. I’d say 90% of the seats were taken. I stood just along the wall for 30 minutes.

    I’ll be seeing that tomorrow, if for no other reason than to confound the industry.

    BTW from what I saw it was a great movie.

    Another BTW The Hurt Locker also confounded them.

  2. It shouldn’t be terribly surprising. Hollywood is overwhelmingly progressive, and Progs haven’t had an original idea since Woodrow Wilson. Add in the intellectual stunting required to continue mouthing the catechism and the unimaginativeness is inevitable.

  3. I long ago gave up on movie trailers and critics to be of any “expert” value.

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