5 thoughts on “Palm Springs Air Museum”

  1. Well, the carrier model is either CV-2 Lex or CV-3 Sara. Oh, and what is that Willys Jeepster doing in the middle of things?

    Kids look like they had fun and the gel looks like she’d be a natural as a shooter.

    1. The placard talks about Lex, but given the numbers of 40mm mounts, I’d have to go with late war Sara, in spite of the TBDs all over the deck. BTW, the ship model is metal, and hand soldered. It’s incredibly impressive. There’s about a dozen truly stunning hand crafted ship models in the museum, including battleships, cruisers, a cutaway Fletcher and a cutaway Gato-class.

      As to the Jeepster, I just thought it was interesting, so I took a pic!

  2. Hand-soldered? Color me impressed!

    Looks like everyone had a good time. Makes me want to head up to Wright-Patterson and check out that museum. Haven’t been up there in years.

    Especially liked the last 2 shots. I can just hear the pilot saying “No s–t, there I was…”

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