Speaking of Frigate type missions

And juuuuuust after I posted that if you have frigate type missions, you end up having to use some sort of ship to perform them, CDR Salamander shows up in my feed with SecNav Ray Mabus waving his magic wand and suddenly taking a ship that Navy spend a decade shouting “it’s not a frigate!” and magically transforming it.

U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus on Thursday said the Navy would rename the modified Littoral Combat Ships it plans to build as frigates, given their enhanced capabilities.

Words have meaning, but mere words are not reality itself.

It. Is. To. Weep.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Frigate type missions”

  1. I heard something yesterday I didn’t believe…A new supervisor who just came to work for us by way of a little shipyard in Wisconsin told me that “they” knew while they were building the Freedom that they would need all these new fiddly bits like a VLS, the right search/aquistion/uplink radar and other tasty treats to make these a frigate. I also was told that there is an assload of lead in the bilges which says they plan to put something more on that hull.

    Then again, it could be a load of the brown smelly.

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