Busy Morning

Tied up with appointments this morning, and the usual logistics of life. Hope to have some content later today, and an exploration of the evolution of the US Army Infantry Rifle Squad. Might even compare and contrast it with its cousins the Marine Rifle Squad, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In the meantime, Tuna has an aviation trivia challenge at OLD AF Sarge’s place. I’ve got a couple quibbles with a few answers, and will address them there later, hopefully. Let’s see if you can spot the same issues I did.

3 thoughts on “Busy Morning”

  1. It’s on the internet; it must be true. You and your quibbles can, therefore, pound sand… Curious just how much difference is allowed between, for example, an A3 and a B66 before they are considered different aircraft.

  2. XBrad, I await your quibbles with breathless anticipation. (You often spot things others miss.)

  3. One thing I wondered about is the “fictitious” F-111N Aardvark. I wonder if Tuna ignored the F-111B on purpose.

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