Because Buddy is only half a word.

The French counter-terror police have a pretty good reputation. Based on this video, that may need a bit of rethinking.


First, as the metal door rolls up, the first guy in the stack goes in, and maneuvers. So far, so good. Violence of action is the rule of thumb in these things.

The problem is, the rest of the stack leaves him hanging. As Andrew Exum says,

A couple other thoughts-

  • More flashbangs sooner. They could have had them going in well before the door was up.
  • Every copy of the video I’ve found pauses right as the terrorist starts to fall in the doorway. The CIGN keeps shooting the crap out of him, as you can tell from the audio. That’s not really a problem, per se, but CIGN is on BOTH sides of the doorway. You’re almost guaranteed some fraticide from the circular firing squad set up.
  • This particular video doesn’t show the crowd of hostages pouring forth, but the general rule of thumb in these situations is to have an operator take physical control of each single hostage, both to act as a shield, and to ensure they are a) an actual hostage, b) not armed, c) not harmed or otherwise injured, and d) not a suspect trying to escape in the confusion.
  • For all the noise and fury over how bad the M4 is in US service, look at what CIGN was carrying.


Update: the unpaused video is here, but WordPress stubbornly refuses to embed liveleak.

8 thoughts on “Because Buddy is only half a word.”

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw this video was that there were way too many people involved to control or doing anything useful making way too much noise. Then, as you say, ONE guy goes in and gets hung out to twist slowly in the wind while most of the rest are standing around with their fingers in their ears. I am not sure letting this be videotaped was such a good idea either.

  2. I’m still trying to decide what to make of this incident – I am unsure

    Video of cop getting shot in the head with AK at close range – no blood

    The Sydney siege looks to be a hoax

    Video shows half the team making entry then the other half throw flashbangs after them – WTF???

    This report is disturbing though

  3. Yeah, the videos I saw elsewhere looked pretty lame. Perhaps they were flawlessly executing some French battle drill, but when you compare it to what we do (and works), it looks inept. Loved everybody continuing to fire as he exited between them. Sacre Bleu! Or whatever they say. Basic straight infantryman on their first live-fire don’t look like this. The Darth Vader helmets look pretty stupid, too.

  4. That’s an HK416 or 417….a decidedly superior weapon compared to the direct-gas impingement equipped M4.

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