More on that Al-Sisi speech

CDR Salamander, always with an eye to intrepidity, chose to honor Egyptian President Al-Sisi’s call for an Islamic reformation as this week’s Fullbore Friday.

For a bit of background on the status of Egypt, and the craven Obama administration foreign policy, I’m simply going to steal URR’s comment over there.

Notice that the Obama Administration facilitated the overthrow of Mubarak, a US ally who maintained a peace with Israel, for rule in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, who is allied with Al Qaeda and is the spiritual progenitor of AQ. The same Muslim Brotherhood that enthusiastically supported Hitler and the Final Solution, incidentally, and has never recanted those views. Ever.

Then, when MILLIONS of Egyptians took to the streets to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Sisi assumed power, the Obama Administration immediately turned its back on the Egyptian government. Military and fiscal aid slowed to a trickle or stopped altogether. Even though Al-Sisi re-established peace with Israel and is fighting the Islamists when and where it finds them.

Sorta makes you wonder which side ol’ Barack Hussein is on, dunnit?

One has to wonder two things. How long does Al-Sisi have to live before being murdered? And what part will the Obama Administration and by extension, the US Government play in that murder?